What We Look At During A Home Inspection

All of the components designated for inspection in the FABI (Florida Association of Building Inspectors) Standards of Practice are inspected. These Standards are given in greater detail at this website. To Quote Section 2.2,

 The inspector shall:

A. Inspect:

1. Readily accessible systems and components of homes listed in these Standards of Practice.
2. Installed systems and components of homes listed in these Standards of Practice.

B. Describe:

Systems and components by their nomenclature, capacity, output rating or other means of descriptive terminology typically used by tradesmen.

C. Report:

1. On those systems and components inspected which, in the professional opinion of the inspector, are not functioning properly, are unsafe, are significantly deficient or are near the end of their service lives.
2. A reason why, if not self-evident, the system or component is significantly deficient or near the end of its service life.
3. The inspector’s recommendations to correct or monitor the reported deficiency, i.e. needs repair, needs additional evaluation, etc.
4. On any systems and components designated for inspection in these Standards of Practice which were present at the time of the Home Inspection but were not inspected and a reason why they were not inspected.

It is the goal of this Inspector to put you, the home buyer, in a better position to make your buying decision. I am not overly concerned about cosmetic issues, but the structural aspects of the home are highly scrutinized.  Unexpected repairs could still be a possibility. The inspection should not be considered a guarantee or warranty of any kind.  Please refer to the INSPECTION AGREEMENT for a full explanation of the scope of the inspection.